Author: Shanika Wickramasinghe

Shanika is a software engineer at WSO2, one of the leading open-source software companies in the world. Always keen to share her knowledge, she also works as a part-time freelance writer. Her favorite subjects are SQL and data science. In her free time, she enjoys increasing her knowledge and sharpening her skills by taking online courses.

Difference between GROUP BY and ORDER BY in Simple Words

Paper light bulb metaphor.
For someone who is learning SQL, one of the most common places to get stuck is when learning the GROUP BY command. GROUP BY and ORDER BY are two important keywords in SQL that we use to organize data. The difference between GROUP BY and ORDER BY is that ORDER BY is more simple than GROUP BY and is usually introduced early in an SQL course. Sometimes, people are quite confused over these two concepts (SQL ORDER BY vs.

Why Use SQL Over Excel

SQL is replacing Excel in many fields, and data analysis is certainly one of them. If you are still using Excel as a data analyst, you are missing something very valuable. SQL can make your life easier, as it’s more efficient and faster than Excel. So, how and from where can you learn SQL? How Can SQL Help Data Analyst? You can use SQL to help you with the following work: