Changes to Vertabelo’s LinkedIn Profiles

We’re merging our LinkedIn profiles.

Everything about us on LinkedIn will be available in one place.

The Vertabelo team has decided to merge our existing LinkedIn profiles. From now on, our company profile ( and the Vertabelo Academy profile ( will be on LinkedIn under one name: Vertabelo.

Vertabelo is changing for the better. We are growing and adapting our social media channels to make things easier for you. What will happen after this change? With the help of LinkedIn staff, all the contacts we have recently gathered on the Vertabelo Academy profile will be transferred to the Vertabelo profile. In this way, you can stay with us, following Vertabelo’s news, changes, and community.

The profiles will be merged within the next few days, after the final action from LinkedIn. We will try to make the connection and transfer process easy and smooth.

We hope you will stay with us, continuing to participate in our interesting discussions and reading and sharing our posts.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the merge of our profiles, please send us an email at

The Vertabelo Team

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