SQL Advent Challenge 2017: Day 24 (Final Call)

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end—this is your last query task for this season! We hope you’ve enjoyed the challenges so far. The good news, however, is that you got to practice your SQL skills. At this point, you’re only one step away from completing our crossword and getting a Vertabelo Academy discount on a course of your choosing.

Task #24:

How much did Santa Claus pay for each toy he purchased from the music category? SELECT the toy names and the amount that Santa Claus paid for each. SORT the records by amount paid in descending order.

Answer 24 for the Crossword:

The name of the toy for which Santa Claus paid the least amount of money.

Solved all the tasks?

If your answers revealed a secret message, send us a private message via Twitter or Facebook. If your solution is correct, we’ll give you a 25% holiday discount on any Vertabelo Academy course of your choosing.