Author: Katherine Lutz

Katherine (Tori) Lutz is an English graduate from Florida State University and a current journalism student at Columbia University. Her professional experience surrounds reporting as well as a great deal of freelance work in the areas of writing, editing, and marketing. She is currently living in Brooklyn, New York, and would love to one day work in broadcast radio or in a newsroom at a major news organization.

5 Ways Coding Skills Can Be Applied in Any Industry

Gradient line vector illustration of young programmer coding a new project using computer on violet background with code symbols and signs.
Why coding is a vital skill no matter where you work. In 2019, more businesses than ever before are looking to hire smart, technologically proficient candidates. As advances in technology increase, a growing number of industries are relying on computer systems and software to help manage their data and achieve their goals, making coding skills more of a necessity than it has ever been. Many people think that coding is a niche that only applies to specific tech-related jobs.