How to Gift a Vertabelo Academy Course

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Learning is the gift that keeps on giving. Find out how you can gift an online course.

So you’ve decided to gift a course but don’t know how to do it? It’s very easy! Following is an example of how to do this using our introductory course on Python.

First, pick and navigate to the page with the course you’d like to gift. Click on the “Gift this course” option that is visible on the right-hand side.

How to Gift a Vertabelo Academy Course

This action takes you to a form where you type in your recipient’s name, email, and message (optional).

Tip: Enter your own email address in the form if you don’t want your recipient to get the codes immediately — you can then share it with whoever you want, whenever you want.

How to Gift a Vertabelo Academy Course

Got a promo code? Awesome! Don’t forget to type it in the “Promocode (optional)” field. Vertabelo Academy promo codes can be used with this kind of transaction too.

How to Gift a Vertabelo Academy Course

Voila! The recipient will get an email with a redeemable code right away.


In a couple of minutes and without breaking the bank, you’ve now got yourself a great present that’s sure to please someone. The best thing is that they’ll enjoy it for much longer than any ordinary gift and will appreciate your thoughtfulness.